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The Kyoto International Entrepreneurship Contest, initiated by the executive committee of Kyoto international venture contest, is a multinational activity for college students. Entrepreneurship teams of college students from different countries gather each year to present excellent ideas and projects, to seize the opportunity of investments and to meet, exchange and cooperate with outstanding partners.

Kyoto, a world well-known city for tourism, is also a great city for long-live enterprises with common characters of innovation, collaboration, fairness, adaptability, and responsibility. However, Kyoto is also facing various challenges nowadays such as aging society, low birthrate, conflicts with globalization and so forth. This contest is also expected to help bring new engird to the development of Kyoto and contribute to social problem-solving.

Below are details of KIECUS 2019.

Executive Committee of International Entrepreneurship Contest for University Students 


Team participation, team members need to be college students or graduated students. Each team has no less than 4 members and a top limit of 8 members. 


Entries will firstly be selected through the profile, passed teams will be invited to compete for preliminary and final in Kyoto. 

The language of Contest 

English, presented in English for 10 minutes, 5 minutes for Q&A 


shall be performed with PowerPoint, shall be done by every team member or a representative. During the Q&A time, every question could be answered after the team discussion. PowerPoint format and all the details about this contest will be sent by email on May 17th. 



  • Registration Deadline: 25th April 2019
  • Through profile selection, we will invite qualified teams to participate in the preliminary in Kyoto. Results of profile selection will be sent by Email on 1st May 2019.
  • The total schedule is for 5 days, starts from 16th to 20th May 2019.
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    Review Rules


    Registration fee: JPY¥20,000/per

    #Participation of award party will be free, however, competitors are responsible for hotel and transportation expense. #Support system is provided, please consult with office.




  • Gold Prize (1 team): 300,000 yen Silver Prize (2 teams): 200,000 yen Bronze Prize (3 teams): 100,000 yen
  • The award-winning projects will get the award certificate. Excellent business plan has the opportunity to get angel investment.



  • The intellectual property of the proposed business plan belongs to the team.
  • It is not allowed to infringe other people’s intellectual property rights. All the consequences arising from infringement of the intellectual property rights shall be the sole responsibility of the relevant individual or team.
  • The business plan of the selected candidate will be disclosed on the Internet in brief. Therefore, in order to protect personal intellectual property, a formal patent application can be made in advance if necessary. In addition, if the business plan is technical or commodity, please confirm whether there is any similar product or technology in the market in advance. Organizers have the right to publish business plans of each team participating in the competition.
  • The submitted business plan and related materials will not be returned. Please prepare your backup in advance.

    Registration method


  • Completed the specified form in English (Annex: Entries), convert it to PDF format (file less than 3M), and sent the PDF file to email: info@kyoto.academy
  • The email shall be named "[KIECUS] University Name", and the attached name is "[KIECUS] University Name_ Title of Business Plan.
  • For related information, please contact any office of XiangFei Global Education Group (China area). Email: duanqi @ xf-world.org
  • Phone Number

    Shanghai: 021-5566-1085

    Beijing: 010-8069-8510 Guangzhou: 020-3826-2404