On October 19, AAMA Future Technology Business Leadership Entrepreneur Salon was held in Advanced Finance Institute of CUHK (SZ). Here are the wonderful speeches given by entrepreneur speakers!

AAMA Future Technology Business Leadership Entrepreneur


Mr. Yu Yiheng

Chairman of AAMA Cradle Program’s executive committee

Last president of AAMA-PRD

Mr. Yu Yiheng introduced AAMA (Asia American Multi-technology Association) and the cradle program of future technology business leadership. Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, AAMA is the world’s largest Asian technology business platform, which aims to provide resources for members from Asia and global business activities. It covers many areas including AR/VR, robot, Internet, multimedia, semiconductor, biotechnology, software and financial services.


Yu introduced that this year’s cradle program wanted to recruit social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in colleges. Cradle program expects more college students to join and expects to explore more education-related projects.


Cradle program will invite promising entrepreneurs and elites from technology, business, and investment finance to serve as tutors. Cradle program will give young entrepreneurs opportunities to learn from their tutors through counseling, training, lectures and group activities. They can also communicate with and sharing with other young entrepreneur elites. 


Tutor special speech


Chairman Lin Xuanliang

President of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce 

Chairman of CGCC (China General Chamber of Commerce) 

Lin introduced his family’s business history to inspire the entrepreneurs.


Lin raised 6 important elements for entrepreneurs:

1.Have dreams

2.Never put off till tomorrow what should be done today

3.Thirst for knowledge

4. Rich imagination and innovation ability

5. Sharp observation

6. Powerful driving force


As time goes by, business has different directions. Lin advised students to catch up with the trend and try entrepreneurship bravely.


Lin also pointed out some important elements for newly-established enterprises:

* Market research & sales 

* Team and partners 

* Finance 

* Product & services 

* Vision and mission 

* Growth 

* Impact 



Mr. Zhu Junwen

Founder of Lepu Sports Technology


Mr. Zhu Junwen is the founder of Lepu Sports Technology. He shared the main technology and application of his company.


At the beginning of the sharing, Mr. Zhu asked a question, “who do you think is better, Kobe, Jordan or James?” Zhu explains that when we analyze an athlete’s performance, we often quantify his performance. However, this kind of analysis can only be applied to professional athletes and ordinary people cannot get access to it. So Lepu Sports Technology focuses on the research and application in this field.


Mr. Zheng Wenhui

Founder and CEO of MADGaze

MADGaze is a technology company focuses on the development of AP smart glasses. The original idea of MADGaze is based on two failed cases: GOOGLE GLASS and AlfReal. So Zheng decided to devise a kind of AR smart glasses that is both comfortable to wear and beautiful in design. Despite the low possibility of success, Zheng still founded MADGaze. 


The company had a hard time at the very beginning. After going through the most difficult times, MADGaze now has many products including Ares, X5 and Vader.


5G gives an explosive growth to AR and MADGaze captures this trend by not only positing the B end but also opening to the C end. The company has implemented products in many industries including security, machine maintenance and medical practice.




Mr. Pan Zhihao

CEO of Hong Kong Boda and Shenzhen Bosheng



Pan said starting a business was a dream for him when he was young because he thought this was a way for him to realize his self-value. He started his business after graduating from college. He saw the opportunity in the development of HDMI technology and Internet so he started to sell HDMI products on ebay, which might have a profit rate of 200%.


He believes that business sense and knowledge are important in entrepreneurship. He thought an enterprise must have its own products instead of relying on outsourcing. In 2011, he transferred his enterprise from ebay to Amazon. Since they did not have their own factories, they began to acquire and buy shares from manufactures.


In 2017, the development of Pan’s company became a case study in the MBA management course of CUHK Business School.




Mr. Liang Jianbin

Co-founder of Wing Cloud 


Mr. Liang introduced his entrepreneurship stories and his development with AAMA. He thinks that one’s strain capacity is more important than learning ability when in school. While in the workplace, soft skills are more important. So we should constantly surpass ourselves and find our shortcomings.


He found that traditional operators lack of high-profit operating ability and the ability to innovate new products. So he founded his own enterprise and tried to adopt good points, avoid shortcomings and focus on the main business.


Liang’s story with AAMA started from an overseas study tour in Silicon Valley when he was an MBA student in CUHK. He saw many successful stories of identity changing, for example, from a wage owner to an entrepreneur or from an entrepreneur to an investor or a partner. He believed the vision and resources that AAMA provided could enable him to work further in entrepreneurship. 



Jannick Simeray 

Technical inventor and engineer entrepreneur of Shenzhen Yinchi Technology Company

Motosola focuses on environmental-friendly electric vehicles. Nowadays both developing and developed countries all face serious pollution problems and environmental pressure. That’s why Motosola is committed to providing environmental-friendly electric vehicles that are easy to charge and have zero carbon emissions.



Henry Tam

Henry Tam is the co-founder of Design for HK. His team is committed to developing students’ creativity and design thinking ability.


Henry Tam was a medical student, but he liked design and innovation, so he finally chose design and focused on education.


He expressed his concern that nowadays education only focused on teaching knowledge instead of practicing the thinking ability to Samson Ng, a famous designer in Hong Kong. Henry Tam also invited Samson to start Design for HK together.


Samson accepted his invitation and they began to provide thinking training courses for students to help students change from believing “I can’t” to “I can”.


Wonderful moments

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