On the afternoon of December 1, the roadshow and award ceremony of Hult Prize Campus Final Competition of Shenzhen Creative December was successfully held and ended in the administration building of CUHK (SZ).

Allride, Greenation and Neutech won the top three prizes and received 10000, 5000 and 3000 RMB to implement their projects respectively. 


A total number of 35 teams and 150 students were qualified for this Campus Final Competition, among which 9 teams reached the final. The background of this competition is “to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Shenzhen’s construction of a demonstration zone with Chinese characteristics, the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen”. The competitors can choose the issue from either “sustainable life in cities and communities” or “clean water and public health problem”. They should display their projects through innovation, technology, design, market research, industry analysis, cost control and profit space to show that their business plans could solve the social issues.


A group photo of final competition


First-prize team:



Group photo of the first-prize team and distinguished guests


Members:Justian Frederick W from 2018 SME 

Padmashanti from 2018 SME 

Tiffany Osmond Joewono from 2018 SME

Ivan Prawira Limanauw from 2016 SSE

Project: Solve the traffic jam during the rush hours through a transportation service system based on booking and reservation.


Second-prize team:



Group photo of the second-prize team and distinguished guests


Members: Yu Jie from 2018 SME

Zhou Xin from 2018 SME

Chen Jingyi from 2018 SME

Project: Solve the problem of idle clothes by creating a recycled clothing company with the theme of environmental protection and charity.


Third-prize team: 


 Group photo of the third-prize team and distinguished guests


Members:Regina Pannasari Sukwanto from 2018 SME

Josua Thungari from 2018 SME

Elita Stacia from 2018 SME

Adriel Abraham Intan from 2018 SSE

Project: Solve forest fire control problem through electronics and technology.


01 —Introduction of Hult Prize


Hult Prize is an official activity of UN GLOBAL GOALSWEEL and is also one of the largest student social innovation competitions that provides platform and social resources for young innovators. Hult Prize was named as a “Top 5 Ideas Changing the World” in Time Magazine.


Hult Prize is the world’s leading entrepreneurship and innovation platform for universities and colleges, inspiring students to create entrepreneurial plans that are both philanthropic and profitable. In the past 10 years, Hult Prize has injected more than 50 million dollars into social innovation field and encouraged more than 1 million young people to rethink the future of business.


02 —Distinguished guests

Special guests

Min Yuhui, deputy secretary of the bureau of culture, radio and TV, tourism and sports of Longgang, Shenzhen and the director of cultural promotion center of Longgang


He Wei, section director of cultural industry development office of Longgang, Shenzhen




Panel of judges

Professor Michael Ferguson, senior associate dean from CUHK (SZ) 



Professor Gordon Lam, co-director of CIDE of CUHK (SZ) 




Mr. Emil Chen, Chairman of Smart City Consortium FinTech Committee




Professor Wang Susheng from Southern University of Science and Technology’s Finance Department



Mr. Sai Chak MAK, vice chairman of Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association’s PRC committee




Mentor Group

Mr. Xin Wang (Alumni), Forbes China 30 Under 30, Founder of U-Plus;

Mr. Eric Kuo, Forbes China 30 under 30, Co-Founder of R-Guardian Limited;

Ms. Tiantian Zhang, Forbes China 30 Under 30, Co-founder of Vigo Technologies, Silicon Valley-based Hardware Company;

Mr. Bo Wei, Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder of Letsdraw;

Ms. Sunny Lyn, Founder of Ishareyoung;

Mr. Jacky Liang, Founder of the Wing Cloud;

Mr. Steven Pun, Founder of Protech;

Mr. Sherman Chu, Founder of Loop Sports Technology

Mr. James Liu, Co-founder of Oceanpayment

Dr. Guang Zhang, General Coach from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Ms. Na Ding, Founder of MR. HERO.


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03 —Theme for the Final Competition

1. Greenation solves the problem of idle clothes by creating a recycled clothing company with the theme of environmental protection and charity.

2. Allride solves the traffic jam during the rush hours through a transportation service system based on booking and reservation.

3. Listener solves the mental health problem of urban population through psychological counseling and social platform. 

4. Wastreat develops an app that encourages people to recycle and form a habit. 

5. ZYH develops an app that focuses on docking information of discount products to reduce the waste of products that are close to expiration or slightly flawed.

6. Wonder helps to solve the problem of uneven distribution of education resources through building an online platform. 

7. Shelter helps to increase farmers’ income by bringing unappealing fruits and vegetables to market. 

8. Neutech solves the problem of forest fire prevention through using electronics and technology. 

9. Innovation 101 solves the clothing problem for the poor by redesigning old clothes and raising money through auction. 


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Wonderful moments of the Final Competition


04 —Comments from the Judges


Mr. Emil Chen pointed out that this competition was very impressive in terms of the competition structure design and CUHK (SZ)’s hardware and software facilities. He also praised students’ dedication to the competition. He said “the top three teams showed their achievements perfectly and performed calmly in the Q&A session. Students from Indonesia won the first prize because they came up with a realistic plan that was easy to implement.”


All nine finalists have their own merits. Professor Michael Ferguson believes that all projects from the participating teams have impressive features and each team can gain valuable experience from the competition. He thinks that participating in this competition is a good learning process and can provide valuable experience for future work, study and life.


05 —Interview



Interview of Allride 

Q:   Could you briefly explain your proposal and the problem you want to solve?

A:   We want to solve the air pollution caused by private traffic and people’s travel problem during the rush hours because it is difficult to take a taxi during this period. Our riding service is comfortable and cheap and is a better choice compared to taxies and buses. We can carry eight people in each car, which can reduce the emission of air pollutants and traffic congestion.


Q:  Could you talk about the reason why winning the first-prize?

A:  First our plan satisfies the goal of sustainable development. Next, the problem we want to solve exists in our daily life. Finally, we prepared very well and answered the judges’ questions well. 


Q:  What did you gain from this competition?

A: We had a lot of interesting experiences during the competition, especially in teamwork. We had a tacit teamwork both in the early stages of researches and in the competition. We also gained many insights in business through communicating with mentors. 


Yang Chengyang from 2019 HSS 

Q:  What did you learn from the mentoring activities?

A:  Mentoring session helped me a lot. Our group had three innovative themes and had no idea which one to choose. After the mentoring session, our mentor offered us very specific ideas. With his help, we refined the plan and supplemented the operation mechanism. Our mentor also taught us some presentation skills. Our vision expands a lot through mentoring. 


Edit:雷震宇 from 2019 SME

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